All the Winters After Review

This beautiful and haunting novel has already secured a spot on my best books of the year list. It’s not just words written on paper, but a multilayered story of a family and their grief over time.

Kachemak Winkel lost his family 20 years earlier in a plane crash. His aunt Snag and grandmother Lettie are still living in Alaska while he fled the cruel winters to lose himself in Austin, Texas. When he returns home to check on the family’s homestead, he discovers a frightened woman who has been seeking shelter there for 10 years.

As Kache begins to untangle his family history, we learn that this woman’s background isn’t so simple, either.

The setting is chilling and the story is full of hope and promise. Thank you to Sourcebooks for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 stars.

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