Find Me Review

A definite page turner and the short chapters helped make this one a quick read overall. I was definitely curious as to how the entire story would play out but overall felt like some gaps were like that scene in Speed where the bus made it safely over the missing piece in the highway – just not entirely plausible.

After finishing, I read the author’s note that this was part of a previous series featuring Detective Ellie Hatcher, but it could also be read as a standalone, which it could. But now that I know that, I felt I would have gained more about this character had I known her backstory because as is we did not get a lot of character development.

Speaking of characters, there were a lot. Even after finishing, I am not completely clear on who relates to who and backgrounds. It won’t ruin the suspense or the mystery but if you want a true fill, read slowly and process.

I won’t mention any of the plot, as you’ll get that as soon as you start but the gaps and coincidences were too many for me to rate this any higher. A solid mystery and great read to grab for a plane or long wait. 3.5 stars.

My thanks to the publisher for the advanced copy.